Monday, January 25, 2010

Day 196 - $1500 Costco Gift Card

I got my 2 Costco gift cards - totaling $1,500!!! I love completing Online Offers.  This is the largest one I have completed and I only spent $360.06 (I have about $20 more that I need to spend).  Let me know if you are interested in Online Offers and I will write a very detailed post on how to complete them.

Day 196 - No Menu or Grocery Week

I did not go grocery shopping this weekend.  I have been super busy at work that I did not have time to even get the menu done for the week.  I will need to get it done soon since the hubby almost convinced me to order a pizza for dinner - which would have counted as 1 of 12 for our yearly eating out allotment. 

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Day 191 - Getting Promoted

I was scheduled to interview last Friday (15th) at a job I had applied for.  After much consideration, I called the CEO on Friday morning and told him I had decided to withdraw my application.  He seemed annoyed, which I can understand - I was scheduled to interview with the Board that day.  I called him at around 10ish.  I was called into my boss' office at 11:00ish and he had me close the door.  I was a little paranoid, I thought he knew about me applying for the job. 

Turns out I was freaking out about nothing - my boss offered me a PROMOTION!!  I told him I would think about it and get back to him on Monday (18th). 

So I decided to take the job. If I can structure this correctly and hit the ground running I should be able to get my work hours down to the 50-55 hours a week mark.  A promotion, raise and fewer hours - can't beat that!

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Day 190 - January Goals Update

More than half of January is is our progress.
  1. Pay off Macy's, Dell and New York and Company Card.
    • Done - all have cleared except for Dell.
  2. Generate $300 of extra income.
    • Done - the Hubby has a side job that he works at 16 hours a month.  We got his paycheck and that put us over.  I also sold a few books on Amazon.
  3. Apply for community college teaching positions.
    • Almost done - I just need to type a cover letter and get a letter of reference.  I am hoping I can get this done this week.
  4. Study at least 10 hours a week for certification exam.
    • Have not started.  I have so busy at work...I know excuses, excuses.
  5. Run at least 3 times a week and select 1st half-marathon date.
    • The first half-marathon that I signed up for is in April.  I have not done any running though. 
  6. Clean out pantry and start "shopping" for canning jars and items for the garden.
    • Haven't started.
  7. Post at least once a week.
    • I have averaged at least one a week; however, I have not been consistently posting. 
  8. Stick to the budget.
    • We had some unexpected expenses this month. Our cat got sick, pre-paid cell phone costs, education, vehicle repairs.  I cashed out some of my PTO last paycheck and so we were able to get by. 

Monday, January 18, 2010

Day 189 - Shopping Trip

Last week I only spent $10.90 on grocery since I had spent way to much the week before.

Total Spent this week $56.96.

Total Spent = $12.59
Total Saved = $41.53
$12.59 Shopping Trip with 77% savings

Total Spent = $27.51
Total Saved = $57.54
$27.51 Shopping Trip with 68% savings

I love shopping at Rite Aid and Walgreens!

Rite Aid
Total Spent= $31.09
Total Saved = $45.98
Will receive $22.00 in Rebates
$9.09 Shopping Trip with 88% savings

Total Spent = $12.73
Total Saved = $20.98
Received $5.00 RR back
$7.73 Shopping Trip with 77% savings

Day 189 - Weekly Menu

Here is the menu for the week:


Steak & Corn

Chicken Pitas with Fruit Salad

Shrimp Salad

Lemon Pepper Chicken and Green Beans

Sphagetti and Garlic Bread

Chicken Quesadillas

Day 178 - Looking for another job (I forgot to post this one)

I am not actively searching, but I am looking.  I am on salary and make a decent salary; however, I work way to many hours that my decent salary does not equate to a whole lot when I calculate it on an hourly basis.  I had a meeting with a CEO of a company today and I will be interviewing with the Board next week.  The pay will be the same; however, the benefit package is much better as it pertains to retirement and I will probably only work 40 hours a week (compared to my 60 -70+ hours a week).  I love where I am at - I am challenged everyday and I NEVER run out of work.  This job that I am interviewing for is about 1/8 of the size and will probably not provide me with the professional growth I need.  I am not sure what I want to do.